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Friday, November 02, 2007

New lap top and clothes mission

Well Scott and I went to Walmart and got a lap top so that when we are traveling we will have a way to get online to check email. Now to learn to use it before Sunday. We also looked for some more business clothes for me but everything I tried on had that "new" teeny bopper below the waist line crap... YUCK! I may end up making some clothes tomorrow. I did get a total of three new outfits a few days back and they are pretty much interchangeable so in actuality I have 9 outfits and one pair of decent shoes. May need to get another pair in black. I will be staying across the street from an outlet mall so may just wait and do some shopping up there in Fort Mill. It's so hard for me to buy "professional" attire after spending nearly 20 years at home being a homemaker and Mom whose ward robe really didn't matter as long as I got Scott fed and clothed and Greg to the places he needed to be each day. Now I'm having to learn about real work clothes that present a professional appearance. I'll get there with probably some major OOPS! along the way.

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