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Friday, November 23, 2007

Christmas Season

Well today is the first day of the Christmas madness! I have to be back up to Fort Mill by 2 pm today and then will stay up there until Monday night. I will actually get two days off in a row next week and then I will work my final two days in Fort Mill. Next Sunday I will be leaving for Lebanon, TN for my 2 weeks there. Should be interesting and I'm sure educational. I'm going to miss being home though and will look forward to December 14th when I return home.

I'm trying to get all the laundry pushed through so that I can pack and be on the road by 11 this morning. I would like to have my oil changed in my car as the light has come on saying that it's time for a change. Perhaps Scott will get up soon and take care of that for me.

Tesla has decided that he needs to be the center of attention this morning. He keeps running by and has had me open all the blinds along the front of the house. He is such a spoiled little wretch.

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