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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Yard Progress

Much too busy for photos
Still too busy to smile at the camera

The bushes after their "hair cut"
Lumber that was salvaged and the Gardenia's new "doo"

Very little of that huge pile left to deal with now/
Our composter and an old rose that I cut back and mulched. Had a REAL battle with Wisteria!

The remaining side section - old brambles and yard trash all cleaned up and out.


  1. You two are busy, but what you had to do is nothing compared to what I've got here. :-) I'm doing a little at a time.

    Taking apart pallets is a job, so is pruning and clean up and you both did a great job.


  2. This is only the beginning of one small side yard... I have LOTS more to go. I don't have as many wonderful flowers as you do though thats for sure... a problem I hope to remedy next year.


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