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Saturday, March 09, 2013

So now I'm 49!

Yesterday was my 49th birthday and I had a fabulous day. I went to World Market as they had sent me a $10 Birthday coupon and I also had earned a FREE 8 oz coffee.

Some of the things I "treated" myself to with the $10 are pictured at the left.... 3 bars of yummy smelling soaps, some Black tea and a gorgeous place mat that I plan to turn into a purse/tote. Of course I will share that later.

After World Market I went to the Old Mill Antique Mall and found some wood turnings that were from "Old American". They were in a sandwich bag - 6 small bags of turnings. Five were "girls" and one was of tiny bowls. The "girls" I am planning to use as legs on Dollar Tree wood boxes.I got all of them for $2.25... one package alone would have been $3 at a current craft store.

THEN I went to lunch at Cafe Strudel with my friend, Gypsye. She was sneaky and bought my lunch.... the little Devil. I even had a piece of Chocolate Fantasy cake... OH MY!!! It's to die for if you love chocolate as much as I do. It was a beautiful day! OH... Scott and I went to get sub sandwiches for a late supper last night and stopped in at Jo-Ann's.... didn't buy a thing. I did pick up a few "free" sheets on crochet projects as well as a sheet on glues.

Today (Saturday) Scott says we are going Art supply shopping together... YEAH!

And to back up to earlier in the week since I've been so slack getting a post up. I caught some wonderful pictures of our latest visitor. A gorgeous woodpecker has been coming to visit. He or she is so timid that if it see's movement at all in the windows it will fly off so I feel fortunate in catching these.

 Isn't it amazing?

I also made a few things; first a pincushion from a sundae dish for a friend.I love making these and they turn out so lovely.

 And I added a page to my Art journal.

I'll try to do better this next week in getting a daily post up.


  1. Oh Becky Happy Birthday you are very young I am turning 60 in a couple of weeks. I would not want to be 49 again unless I knew what I know now:)
    It sounds like you had a great day. The journal is coming along nicely. Hugs B

  2. A very happy belated birthday to you, Becky! I love all your creativity in this post, and well, just about every post!!! That is one amazing woodpecker. So lovely with that red head!! From your photos I am guessing a Red Bellied Woodpecker...and I am green with birding envy! We don't have those over here!


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