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Sunday, March 03, 2013

More of Oglethorpe

There was a lot more to explore but we wanted to get home. I loved all the little figures outside this little shop...
That was the shops name - Local Color

Took this photo for my Mom especially... it was a BILLY GOAT!

All the little figures were made of recycled materials... can you pick out some of the stuff they used for the different parts of these critters?

Here is just a view down one side of the street...
I love how the mortar sticks out between the rocks instead of indenting between them.

This was the building next to where we parked. It didn't have any sign saying what it's original purpose was and it now seems to stand empty. It was such a GRAND building though so I had to take some photos... you know me and Architecture!

And the last place in this little town is where I wished we'd had a LOT more time and a bit of money as I would have taken home several of those birdhouses...
There were rustic looking bird houses all along in front of this building as well as other interesting stuff.
Maybe next time I will be able to take him up on his sign and buy some of his "junk".


  1. I would have loved this little tour:) Love the last sign. B

  2. Thanks for the tour. What a lovely place this is and the architecture is worth wasting time looking at.


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