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Sunday, March 03, 2013

Snow falling in Atlanta

We arrived in Atlanta yesterday and have been able to watch a few snow flakes fall. Nothing has accumulated but it's pretty to watch. We ended up at the Mall of Georgia yesterday trying to find some free Wifi to get directions to get to Scott's sisters' as he forgot the direction he had printed off before we left home. We ended up in the Starbucks inside Barnes and Noble. I had to take some pictures of the horses outside Changs... they were HUGE! Scott was finishing up his coffee and I thought it was a neat  picture.

We didn't explore the Mall at all but for those interested in contains over 250 stores plus theatres and other venues. For anyone that LOVES to shop it would be Heaven I'm sure... but we aren't so as soon as we found out where we needed to go we got back on the road.
Adele's Photo from Facebook
We've had lots of doggy love from Sunny and Toby. Badger dog has been keeping to himself. I think he is getting too old to be very social.

It's really cold down here and with windchill it feels like 20*F. We will be driving into warmer but still cold weather. I guess Winter isn't done with us yet.

We will be heading home shortly.

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