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Sunday, March 17, 2013

This weekend...

I made these yummies yesterday...
Carmel Cinnamon rolls with Bourbon Raisins
They were AWESOME! I still have 14 left and am thinking 7 will go into work with me tomorrow for my co-workers.

 Last evening we took a walk around the neighborhood and I was able to get this lovely sunset shot as we walked under the power line right-of-way...
Then we drove to the boat landing and out past Amazon's Distribution Center to see what kind of wild life we could spot. As we were driving down Old State Road we stopped to look down the blocked off old road to our neighborhood where we have seen deer in the past and a Cop stopped to see "what we were doing". We get asked that a LOT... must be odd to enjoy Nature anymore as people look at us like we are crazy or something. SO if there had been deer there they were gone before we could get a good look with the two cars making so much noise and light. GRRRRR!We let him go on past and we drove on down to the entrance to the Congaree Creek Trail and wouldn't you know it that same Cop got behind us again but he left us alone. There were 3 vehicles in the parking lot which meant there were people still on the trail and it was getting dark. I hope they had flashlights because once it gets dark in there you can barely see your hand before your face. Luckily the Officer went on his way after that and we drove on down past Amazon. I don't have ANY pictures because everything happened SO FAST... first an Owl flew up out of the brush right in front of us on the way down the road and on the way back a Bat flew right at us and we both went "AHHHHH" as we thought for sure it was going to hit us. Then as we neared I-77's overpass I saw 2 sets of eyes... 2 crazy Raccoons coming toward us in the opposite lane.  Then as we came up our Street we encountered 2 black cats... Scott said that "two negatives always make a positive" so we're safe! ha ha.

Check out these stems on this variety of mustard...


  1. Wow such a lot of animal madness:) Glad nothing hit you. That is a very cool plant. B

  2. love love your blog and wow your buns came out looking so yummylicious , you are a true bakers goddess :) xxx


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