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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Wednesday... let a chef cook

Tonight I am hoping to let someone else cook our dinner. Well that did not happen - had to throw a meal together out of leftovers as Scott had somewhere he had to be tonight that I forgot about... see too much going on! Not feeling so good. Scott's longer days and hectic schedule are wearing even me down. I took a 2 hour nap today and could still lay down and go right to sleep. There are also 2 very nasty bugs going around that I am truly hoping miss our house one respiratory and the other intestinal... neither sounds like anything I want to experience. AH yes and it is also "POLLEN SEASON"... the yellow dusting has begun!

This coming weekend we have the AWA meet to attend in Charlotte. Scott is hoping to sell a bunch of stuff out of  the bonus room; me I'm just looking forward to some time out of this City and to spend some quality time with Scott.

I have a new "Boss" now and I am hoping she settles in quickly and we keep things moving forward. I think she'll do just fine in time. Until everyone has settled into their new positions though it's going to be a bit bumpy at work. My hours have been cut to just 4 a day so I am going to try to get back into caring for the yard more and perhaps have it looking really good this year. Since I started working my main focus has always been my job ... that is a LOT of years to be unfocused on ones dwelling. SO many projects half started and few completed. When I was a homemaker full-time my focus was entirely home and family and I did most everything... now. I come home and ignore it all. It's not like we entertain a lot and we aren't big "people" magnets. We have a few superb friends that truly value us as friends and enjoy spending time with us. But it would be nice to have the yard looking good again... you know me... always looking outdoors or being outdoors. My home is functional NOT frilly! People actually LIVE inside our house as well as animals... it's reality! I don't feel the need to hold up a front of someone I am not to please other people.

I've done some pages in my Art journal... read a few magazines and then went through and ripped out the pages I thought would make neat collage elements before tossing them in the trash. And some boring stuff like laundry... can't run around naked. Thats been life this week... exciting huh?


  1. Oh Becky My Hero brought home a nasty bug for me I know how you feel. Take care Hug B

  2. Hope you enjoy your weekend away with Scott. We all need down time with our loved ones. Thanks for your kind wishes!

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