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Friday, March 01, 2013

Sorry I'm MIA

I've been in such a funk this week. I don't know whats causing it but I've just been feeling SO BLAH!Perhaps what is bothering me is I will be turning 49 next Friday... AH I don't know. It's just another year and I'm glad that I'm still here but... BLAH!  I finally did something creative last night and finished the project this morning and feel a little better.

I actually got today off from work because I worked over the rest of the week and they needed me to be off today to protect payroll. Not a problem.. I've enjoyed a wonderfully quiet day here at home.

Scott and I are going on one of our odd adventures this weekend and that will help too. Of course I'll share what we find along the way. I hope everyone is doing well and now I will try to catch up with everyone's blog posts. NEXT WEEK WILL BE BETTER!


  1. I found I was feeling the same way about turning 45 this year...and then it dawned on me...the older I get...the better! LOL! I would no more go back even one year than I would believe monkeys can fly! My life gets more meaningful and more powerful every year...can't wait for your newest adventure...and hope you have an amazing time!

  2. Wow Becky you are so young I am turning 60 this month and I am rather excited "Seniors discount:)" comes to mind:) I may be 60 but when I am playing in the snow and mud I still feel like 10. It is only a number my dear.
    Loving your art Becky.
    Happy Birthday I knew we had traits in common same birthday month yeah. Hug B


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