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Thursday, March 28, 2013

OK... who replaced my head this morning?

BLAH! My head is so stuffed up; gotta just love pollen season. If I take an allergy medication then I will be all fuzzy headed and sleepy and that is not a good combination for driving to work or processing merchandise once I get there.  But I may break down and take something as the pain and pressure is about to drive me bonkers.

Scott completed his Programmable Hydraulics class and passed  the final. So now he will be home on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. He is looking forward to getting to sleep earlier on those nights.

A new month begins in just a few more days... 1/4 of this year is gone all ready. Before we know it Christmas products will be showing up in the stores. ... CRAZY!

With the weather finally warming back up this weekend I want to do a tour of our yard with a legal pad in hand to make a list of everything that needs to be taken care of out there. I have a feeling the list will be extremely long but I will tackle it a little by little over several days/weeks.

 I was talking with Scott last night over dinner about getting some things done on the den re-do now as I'm tired of being in sheet-rock limbo. So next payday I am hoping we will be able to buy some nice plywood for him to get some shelves built. So my crafting money will be going toward that for the next couple months; not that I need to buy a thing to be able to make something as I have plenty of supplies here all ready.

I guess I better get this day started... what I'd really like to do is climb back in the toasty bed next to Scott for a couple more hours. AH well thats not to be... HAVE A GREAT DAY!


  1. Becky ~ I hope you are feeling much better soon. It sounds like you've got some projects ahead of you, enjoy doing them and the final results.

    Have a lovely Easter ~ FlowerLady

  2. Take care of yourself Becky I hope I did not give it to you virtually:) Hug B

  3. Hope you feel better soon. Can't believe the year is going by so fast! Great you have a good stock of craft supplies, hope your list won't be too long of things you need to do.


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