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Sunday, March 31, 2013

The rain held off....

These were the most beautiful little blue flowers... so tiny
We were expecting rain today but it was a beautiful sunny day after all so Scott and I took the opportunity to go for a wonderful short walk by the river....
"The Happy Tree" with more of the blue flowers as a skirt.

We aren't sure what this little bird was but plan to research a bit to find out.

Orange Fungi


This vulture was so busy chewing on this discarded ham bone we got to drive right up next to him on our way back home to take his picture. Gruesome fello huh?
Before we left for the Riverwalk we checked out the lower side of the house and took note of all we have to do down there...
We've got to get all the bushes on this side cut way down so that Scott can get in to make repairs on the house.

The bushes have just gotten way TOO tall!

I've got to cut the old wood away from the Confederate Rose and I have to come up with something for a trellis for this yellow flowering plant that I can't remember the name of at this moment.
Perhaps this lower side will get our attention next weekend. It's raining now and I will need to get to bed so I can get up in time to leave for work; 3 AM arrives all too quickly.


  1. I bet you're glad of warmer weather and seeing signs of spring!

  2. Looking more and more like spring in your photos! Flowers! Oh, joy.

    That vulture photo made my day a little bit. We don't have Black Vultures up north here, only Turkey Vultures. And I have a bit of a soft spot for these gruesome avians. I love they way they soar on their huge wings without hardly flapping. They are so big!! And I appreciate the clean-up service they provide for us all and the special digestive tract features that allows them to eat such dreadful fare.

    I've probably told you this story before (because I tell EVERYONE whenever the chance presents itself): When I worked at ZooMontana there was a turkey vulture. One one of my first days I got a little too familiar with him (I tried to pet him while a zookeeper had him perched) and he promptly bit me and threw up on my hand. That was how I learned that is their defensive strategy--vomit and bite. Considering what they eat its pretty effective. For some (probably strange) reason this experience made me enjoy these birds more, rather than less.

    Glad the rain held out long enough for you to get out and see some sights!


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