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Saturday, February 02, 2013

A Few Days Back

I didn't get a chance to post the pictures I took a few days ago of a chilly walk we took along the River as well as this cute shot that shows the cats aren't the only ones that enjoy getting close to the space heater.
1/25/2013 - He was so tired.
Our walk was last Sunday and it was sunny so we thought we'd be fine without jackets but the air was crisp and the wind gust brought cold air up from the river and about froze us to death. Lesson learned!
City of Columbia, SC as we walked down to the walkway.
We decided to walk along the walkway on the West Columbia side last Sunday. I can't believe it was last weekend. This has been an exhausting week and we are planning on staying put this weekend and resting up. Doing only the necessary (laundry) and whatever we want to do here at home.  Greg has gone to spend some time with his new gal friend and won't be home until Sunday. I slept all the way in to 6:30 this morning and enjoyed every minute of it.
Gervais Street Bridge

Gervais Street Bridge with the State Capital Building in the background.

Brick remains from the old Guignard Clay Brick Yard
Scott liked the comparison of stem colors in the shot above. One was so very green and the other a startling red and you know I had to snap the photo for him.
Art in Nature
One day when I get a bit better at painting I'm going to paint the tree above with it's "loving" vine.

 In the below photo I was amazed at the brick's location.
Can you see the brick in this picture?

Looking back at the Gervais Street Bridge - "The Pretty Bridge"

How about now? The tree simple grew around it.
Nature will always win and take over after we are gone. I wonder how many bricks are in this trees roots below the surface.
The Amphitheater where we occasionally go to free concerts.
We were so cold - Scott could hardly wait to get back to the car I think as he was leaving me in the dust. HA HA. It was chilly! Perhaps we will manage a walk this weekend.


  1. Oh I love the photo of Scott just like a kitty:)
    Oh the tree roots wrapped around the roots are great. I love going on your walks with you. Take care Becky. Hug B

  2. Some great photos Becky! That one with the tree growing around the brick is amazing!heh heh...Scott got caught napping! lol


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