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Friday, February 22, 2013

YEAH!!! It's Friday!~

Bloom Uniquely
This afternoon I decided to do a page in my Art journal and this is what I created. I started off thinking I'd do something very colorful and geometrical but then things decided to go organic. I really love how this page turned out.

Scott and I went out to dinner at La Fiesta and then stopped at Reid's for a few groceries. We don't normally shop there but all we needed was milk and bread. There was an accident on the main road to the Bi-Lo we shop at on a regular basis so we decided to brave Reid's this time.

I think we are going to call it a day shortly and make it an early bedtime. It's just now 7:30 PM and Scott and I can barely keep our eyes open. I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!


  1. Lea and I love your art page. Fiery colours!

    1. Whats really funny is while I was painting this Scott looked over and said... "Hot Rod flames?"


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