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Sunday, February 03, 2013

A Saturday Pre-Sunset Walk

Yesterday after many loads of laundry Scott and I decided that we needed to get out of the house for a little while. So we went to the walkway near SCANA just out the extension from our house. We only passed 3 other couples and a man on a bicycle. It's always such a peaceful walk as very few people have discovered how wonderful it is. Here are some of the photos I took.
A new sign installed where people put canoes into the creek... kinda gives ya' a warm fuzzy feeling don't it?

Seed pods

Lamb's Ear

Holly Berries

A leaf captured in concrete

Gnarled root base

Spanish Moss swaying in the trees

Scott trying to capture the beauty of the grasses in the setting sun.

Dead tree standing defiantly against a gorgeous blue sky.

Hanging on by a thread... or should that be a few splinters.

I wonder what  the woman was like that used this in her kitchen... how did it end up here.

Cyprus Trees

Deer leaving only their footprints in the sand - we saw a group of 5 deer but they re-entered the trees before I could get the camera on and aimed.

Kitchen or bath?

Somebodies Mom and Dad were not happy after this.

Almost Mystical

This was about the only G rated thing on this pipe line.

I loved how the setting sun lit up the Spanish Moss.

Some of the trees look like they could come alive and walk right up to you. This one has arms and looks like it has eyes and a mouth just above the "arms"... would be really creepy at dusk.

Nature's cork screw?

Setting sun as we returned to  the car.


  1. Another great lot of photos Becky!I had to click on the one with the sign to be able to read it...yikes! We have crocodiles here in Australia. You have to be careful in the tropical parts of the country because they hide in the water and then suddenly lunge upwards to grab and pull their prey under the water...they get dogs that way and people who don't know to be wary!

  2. Luv the photos. I also had to click the photo to read the sign as well. I dare not go into that area, very scarey. TFS

  3. Great, great beauty in this world, as demonstrated by these photos! So glad you were able to get out and walk and enjoy it!


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