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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Tuesday ... Yep thats what it is.

Well it's nearly 4 AM and I will need to get dressed and ready for work SOON but I thought I would at least start a blog post for today and perhaps save it  and add more after I get home. I am truly hoping for the 4 hour shift that I am scheduled to work today as I have a lot I want to get done around here.

My Hobby focus as of late has been the Art Journal... as if you couldn't tell. Each day I look at it and feel an unyielding desire to add yet another page to it. This is the page I did yesterday...
This one has some real texture to it and the flowers hang off the page a little for added interest. I can't decided if I like this one or not but it's what came to me yesterday.

I need to switch focus though and get a bit of sewing done this week. More on that after I get home from work.

10:45 AM - Well I am home from work and I decided that my page needed a little "more". I'll add a picture once it has had time to dry. This rainy weather makes me so sleepy and it makes the birds outdoors hungry. The sunflower seed feeders are empty and they are doing their best to empty the suet  cages as well. I am planning to buy some sunflower seeds next weekend to refill the feeders. It really won't be much longer until I stop feeding the birds as I don't feed them in the Summer and early Fall as there is plenty of food available in the wild at that time. And they need to teach their young how to forage on plants and bugs anyway.

I need to look through my patterns and pull a few out to start working on a new Summer wardrobe or at the very least 4 to 6 new outfits for Spring and Summer as I have few clothes and I dislike the price and fit of whats available on the sales racks these days. I've never been too keen on shopping for clothes except in my late teens and early 20's and then it was never crazy extravagant. I've never been one to "put on the dog" on a regular basis. I always figure that those that love me for me are the people I want in my life... not those that are critical of what I am wearing. I'm an original me - take it or leave it. I'll write more about the wardrobe progress as things happen.

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