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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Denmark Part 2

After we left the Antique store we decided to just explore Demark's main street. I parked the card in front of this little Mennonite Bakery. And then we started walking on foot and exploring what we could find.  Across from the Bakery was "City Hall/ Court Room/Police Station" and the water tower was behind it.

We didn't go into the 5-10-25 cent store as they only took cash or check... no credit or debit cards

Took this photo for a friend with a friend named "Dane" - thought they'd enjoy it.


We did go in Brooker's and I bought some replacement pot top handles. It was like stepping back to the 80's.

A look down their main street.

These buildings are all owned and utilized by an Artist/Coke collector and none of the Coke items were for sale but his Art work was.

"feet" at the base of the power pole by the Coke sign.

The Edisto Drive-In was located next to the Tea Room.
Located across the Street from the Artist.

Denmark, SC Rail Station - Amtrak stops here at Midnight one direction and 2:30 AM going in the opposite direction. Not sure I'd want to be dropped off or have to catch a train at that time of night... out in the middle of nowhere.

Scott in front of the fountain in their little park next to  the Bakery.


  1. I love the old signs (both suspended over the front door and painted on the side of the building). We just don't value things like that any much the loss for us, I think. They were functional AND charming.

  2. What an interesting place...lots of history there.


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