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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Paper Roses

I made these roses with white card stock yesterday. With a little more practice I think they will look GREAT! I have more waiting to be made into roses tomorrow after I get home from work.

Today I also created the "What is Love?" page in my Art Journal and this is the result...
For Flower Lady and anyone else that wants to learn how to make the paper roses....


  1. Those paper roses are wonderful. Where did you get the directions? If you don't mind my asking.

    Your journal page is beautiful!


  2. You are so creative. My day was to put on something red and take Buddy for a treat, lunch at SW and we got a free mini box og Lindt chocolates.
    My Valentine wish each year is to give those I can reach in any way extra love.

  3. Wow. Paper roses!?! That is pretty amazing. I already think this batch looks great!

    And happy valentine's to you and Scott. Love is such a wonderful blessing to our lives.

  4. Hello Becky problem solved:)
    Love the love page. You are so talented. Those paper roses are amazing. Take care Hug B


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