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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Norway and Denmark

Yesterday we visited Norway and Denmark... South Carolina that is. We only stopped long enough to take this picture of the welcome sign in Norway...
Then we drove on down to Denmark. I had a tailgater driving me nuts so we didn't get a picture of the welcome to Denmark sign but we got plenty in town.

Our first stop was at this old AT&T building which is now 3 full floors of amazing Old South Mansion Treasures. Scott loved the old Bell symbol above the door and I was amazed at the size of these old planters. At the base of the steps on each side were old boot scrappers that had seen better days. Not sure you can see them in the picture or not.

Once inside we were blown away by the Antiques.Three VERY full floors of the most stunning Antiques that if we were rich and had money to invest I would be buying! They have even more antiques located in other buildings in Denmark and the lady in charge said they would work on pricing and payment plans. Most pieces wouldn't even fit through our doors so sadly they will remain there until someone more worthy comes along to cherish them and I will continue to drool.


  1. Very nice! Who knew Denmark and Norway were so close!?! I really like the photo where you can see Scott in the mirror. I'm glad to see you exploring and seeing what you can see.

  2. Those antiques are very impressive :-)


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