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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Looks like I was not Immune!

If my head starts pouring I will be going to the Dr today as soon as they open. I've had a headache and body aches all night. Looks like Type "A" flu may have caught me after all. I'm hoping it's not that but Scott say's "You're looking like how I felt". CRAP! I'll wait and see.

There are three new Interior Collections at Michael's... at least in our store. Each store is slated to get different collections. And there are lots of Valentines and St Patrick's crafting supplies there as well. I've helped reset and fill so many new items that it made my head spin. WOW!

It's warmed up so much the past few days that yesterday I didn't even need a jacket to go to work. And in the evenings we have been hearing the frogs (peepers) down at the creek. But we are truly hoping it turns back cold to kill back some of the bug population.

I'm going to climb in the recliner for awhile. The fellas are still sound asleep.


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