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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Quiet Sunday at Home

Yesterday we spent the entire day in the Upstate. First we helped move some of Scott's Uncle's things to a new Home.

Visited a Confederate Museum that was located across the street and then went to Spartanburg to see my folks and to pick up some eggs as Mom is over run in them at the moment.

Mom has all sorts of chickens - can you see all the different colors?


  1. Y'all had a very eventful day..when I saw the word "upstate" I thought maybe you were visiting New York...We haven't been able to visit "upstate" in years as money is so tight...
    Enjoy the rest of weekend

  2. Oh that sounds like fun Becky I am assuming everyone is feeling better. Love the shot of the eggs. B

  3. I am glad you are feeling better, thank you for sharing your life with us , awesome photos :)
    xxlove the egg colors

  4. I was feeling better when I posted this yesterday but WOW what a night last night was. I'm home taking a sick day today as I didn't get any sleep last night and my guts felt like they'd been turned inside out ( hows that for a visual?). It is how I'm feeling this morning.


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