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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Much Better

Well I awoke to my old self again. Full of energy and ready to go. Made breakfast, painted in my Art Journal (more on that in a minute); went to the grocery store and the gas station; washed a comforter Greg had put in the laundry and helped Greg prepare a meal. Then after we ate Greg and I went out in the garage and cleaned up his stuff to get it out of his father's way so that Scott can actually get some work done out there. Perhaps the completion of the laundry room is in the near future.

Back to the page in my Art Journal; this weeks prompt was "use 3 color's".

So that is what I did... Pink, Purple and Black...
"Haze Maze"

From 2 different perspectives. To me it feels like something from the 1980's coming back to haunt me. LOL I am thoroughly enjoying these weekly Art Prompts that Wendy is offering on You Tube. But is black a color? or  Neutral? May have to ask my Art teaching sister about that one.... OK looks like I will be adding a bit more to this picture tomorrow or maybe even tonight after a quick refresher of the Artist Color wheel...

Short work days this week and I'll be home before most people get to work. YEAH!


  1. Love those colours together! I heard somewhere once that black and white aren't classed as colours. It will be interesting to see what your sister says

    1. Thats what I thought too Maria. Black denotes tone and white Hue.... I believe.

    2. OK... I was wrong on that... check this link out about the Artist color wheel.

  2. Black and white are not colours. Both are a combination of all colours mixed. ever wonder how the computer registers black or white?


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