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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Week 2 - Creativity Prompt

Snow Angel
Prompt this week was "Snow Angel" and here is my picture.

I drew and colored her with my Prisma Colored pencils that Scott gave me for Christmas and then I made a HUGE mistakes and went over it with Shimmer Modge Podge which has made her looks too dark and dreary. I think I will only use that stuff on Halloween projects from now on.

I keep having to stop and rest - can't be my usual busy bee self today but I am trying to do a few little things around the house. I stop when I feel tired and lay down. I'm hoping I have just a minor case of the bug that is going around so that I can get well by Monday. FINGERS CROSSED! Next week I'm only scheduled 4 hours a day.

A friend stopped and gave me a Cracker Barrel Raspberry Lemonade; it was DELICIOUS and felt GREAT on my sore throat. THANKS DEBORAH!

Christmas/Valentines Goodie Box
I'm working on a crafty box for my friend in South Africa (HI AMELIA). I'm going to wad up tomorrows Michael's ad and include it in her package as "stuffing" so she can see what all is carried by Michaels. I just thought she may enjoy seeing the ad.

Amelia I will be sending a separate package later with the handmade goodies and a few more handmade cards. Got to get better first.


  1. Becky, this week I have felt "off" also, not really sick just no energy after being woke up by a horrible, heart stopping sneeze...a sneeze so deep it hurt and for days after I have just not been myself...Any who, I admire your snow angel.. take care ...~~Blessings~~

  2. Oh Becky take care of yourself. Pure honey on a spoon will soothe your sore throat that is all I ever use. B


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