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Saturday, January 05, 2013

Growing Avocado

I've watched some video's on You Tube and we are going to try to grow an Avocado tree. I've never grown one before and need to read more about them as I'm not sure it is something that would survive outdoors here. It may have to be grown in a pot and brought in during the winter cold.

First page in my new Art Journal... prompt was "Goals and Dreams for 2013"

I'm thinking of doing an "About me" in the front cover ; perhaps tomorrow.

Today was spent mostly in a Doctor's office with my fellas. Scott has a sinus infection and Greg has Uvulitis and Sinusitis. Greg was VERY ill and had to have two injections before we left the Doctor's office. He has steroids and an antibiotic to take for the next 10 days. Scott has Sinusitis and is also on an antibiotic. So far I'm still pretty well.... just tired. KNOCK ON WOOD!

Scott is thoroughly enjoying is cordless weather station that I got him for Christmas. As the weather changes the little mans clothing changes... doesn't he look cold tonight? When it rains he has an umbrella in his right hand. It's pretty neat and Scott LOVES it!


  1. the clock you got Scott is so adorable,good luck on your avocado tree, taking a long time , I tried that once and boy was I happy when I saw mine had roots , big hugs to you , facetiming with Rochelle , she is making a quilt and it is housemouse for her sister , it is so adorable, :)

    hope you are ok , I am kinda down but starting on a very strick doctor prescribed detox diet for heart patients, I will send it to you if you like , it is just what the doctor ordered and I saw your video of weight loss and thought this might help you .
    can I mail it to you ?


  2. Oh I do hope both feel better soon.
    I grew a couple of avocado trees and I had no problem. I ignored it and it did fine then M's cat got it and killed it:)
    Love your goals and dreams journal. Love the little man bundled up. Cool here with snow. B

  3. The weather station looks neat! Love avocado with nachos!

  4. I hope your"guys" get to feeling better..Love your journal...I'm going to start zentangle soon...~~Hugs~~


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