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Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Hey Gang

This is just a quick note to let you all know that I'm up to my ears with trying to work and care for my two fellas. Greg (son) returned to work today thankfully. It's so nice seeing him cheerful and full of life once more. Last Saturday was a different story and we ended up at the Doctors office. Greg had Uvualitis  and Sinusitis and has been on a steroid and an antibiotic and is feeling nearly good as new but still has several days of medications left.

NOW  Scott (Dear Hubby) also went to the Dr last Saturday and was diagnosed with Sinusitis as well and put on an antibiotic. WELL... that was WRONG as he just became more ill and Monday (yesterday) we returned to the Dr (this time our regular Dr) and he was given "THE NEWS".... "Congratulations you have Type A Flu". AWESOME! NOT! So I'm feeling much like Henny Penny running around screaming... THE SKY IS FALLING... THE SKY IS FALLING. Well at least thats how I've been feeling. Just got up from a much needed nap and feeling rejuvenated... now if I could just get Scott to go rest a bit. Ah well all he is doing is sitting and watching Jay Lenno's Garage online.


  1. Oh My..poor Scott....You both need lot's of rest..take care of each other ..sending ~~Hugs~~

  2. Hope the boys are feeling healthy again soon Becky. Take care, Tracy.

  3. Oh poor Scott and Greg and YOU. That flu is making it's rounds I went and had a flu shot I am so glad I did it is nasty. Take care keep yourself healthy. B

  4. We are having flu diagnosis of great numbers already up here, too. I sure hope your boys get better soon!

  5. Sorry to hear that both Scott and Greg have been so ill! Hopefully you will stay well! xx


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