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Monday, April 26, 2010

Secret Sister

I got to meet a on-line quilting friend; Diane from Maine yesterday evening. She also happened to be my "secret sister" for a swap we were doing so I took her goodies to her at Outback in Florence, SC. She thoroughly enjoyed them and we had a lovely time.

Paul (Diane's husband) and Scott chatted as well and compared notes on stashes taking over and the space taken up by sewing and fabric.I took the above picture of her goody bag before we left and took the camera with us and then forgot to take pictures at the restaurant... too busy talking. And the time was too short. Perhaps we will get to visit in person again one day.

Before leaving for dinner I worked up a table topper using some blocks that have been "floating about" that I received in a swap several years ago.

This may become a gift or I may add it to my box of projects awaiting my opening an Etsy shop. I want to have inventory before I open it so have been putting it off until I have about 25 items made up and ready. And I've also been thinking about a name for my shop and think I've got it - "Aunt Beck's Cottage"

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