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Friday, April 02, 2010

Early Morning

I'm up early this morning as Scott's alarm went off about 5 and I went ahead and got up with it. I may need a nap later today but for now I'm doing all right. Yesterday I mowed the entire yard, finished the piles of laundry that I had not gotten done the day before and we (Scott and I) drove up to the property to check on things since a bad storm blew through and we wanted to be sure we hadn't lost any large trees. Everything was fine at the property and it was nice to be around a lot less traffic even for just the 30 minutes we were up there. It's so rejuvenating!

I made myself a list of tasks to get completed this week and there is still quite a bit on that list so as soon as Scott gets up I will complete some more on it. Don't want to make too much noise too early. I may go on out to the garden as soon as the sun comes up though as I do have "weeding garden beds" on my list. Perhaps when Scott gets up we can get a few more raised beds built. Once we get 4 more into the garden bed out back it will be complete except for filling the beds. I'm really excited about having a garden this year as I will have time to focus on it and I will be putting a LOT up for later use. Especially since we bought a canner last year. The rhubarb that I planted has come up and is getting some nice leaves on it. The asparagus isn't doing anything at all and I'm worried that it's not going to but I will wait a bit more before I email Gurneys about it.

Another task is to make a Pooh baby quilt for one of Greg's Navy friends as she just had a baby girl and requested a "Pooh" quilt. The fabric is pre-washed and in the dryer waiting on me. I also have 4 quilt blocks to make using pastel green, blue, pink and yellow fabrics. Each block is to be a 12" finished block. I actually started on these the other day but messed up and have to re-cut some squares and start again. It happens... doesn't make me happy but it's no big deal. these blocks are for a swap that I am in - I will make another baby quilt with these to have on hand for the next baby that comes along.

Still no word on a job for Scott but we are still hopeful and he continues to apply for jobs; something will come up soon.

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