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Thursday, April 15, 2010

LATE start to this morning

I was going to get up early this morning so that I could work in the garden before the sun got too high up in the sky and started roasting me but that did not happen. So I will be harvesting the mustard greens at lunch time instead. Everything needs to be watered as well; I wish that we would get a bit of rain but that is not in the forecast for quite some time. The lawn needs to be mowed too. Always something needs to be done around here.

We were just hearing cannon fire from Fort Jackson; I guess they are practicing since it's not Friday (Graduation Day). A reminder that we are very much involved in a war.

I'll post again later today to talk about the kitchen goodies that I brought home from Uncle Jessie's. He was so sweet - I'd ask are you sure you want me to take this and he'd say, " Anything I'm not using you can have". He just wants family to have whatever they want. I think thats how his love for Mary Etta was - he let her buy anything she ever wanted. He misses her so much and told Scott that the day I die Scott will know true loneliness. Life just isn't the same without your soul mate.

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