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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Cloudy Saturday

I've been up for about an hour and have enjoyed my first cup of coffee waiting for the sun to rise which I believe is stuck behind a rain cloud - THANKFULLY! We need some rain so badly; especially my garden. I wish we had a well for watering the garden or a way to catch water off the roof - rain water collection for the garden. The treated City water is expensive and full of things I'd rather not put in my food. Perhaps one day that will be a reality for us - somewhere.

Yesterday I mowed the lawn as the dandelions were starting to bloom heavy and I wanted to prevent them from spreading a million seeds. It looks a whole lot better but my head is so stuffed up from all the pollen and dust that flew around while I was mowing. Perhaps this rainy day will help with some of that and the next time I mow I will be cutting grass and not whipping up so much dirt.

I was thinking about hanging laundry out to dry today but thats not going to happen now so I will use the dryer. Next week is filling up with activities all ready so I will need to get the house work done over the weekend. Monday evening I'm going to get to meet an on-line friend from Maine as she makes her way back home from Florida and then Tuesday we are to go to Uncle Jessie's again to help him clean out some more. And Scott has been getting calls from several Recruiters so perhaps he will get a few interviews this week - I'm hoping and praying for that!

I better get this day started!


  1. I just came across your blog as I was loading a Feedjit since we live in the Columbia area. I have an orange cat too!

  2. Hi Brooke and thanks for stopping by! Aren't orange cats awesome?


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