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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Unexpected Evening....

Plans changed for this afternoon/evening as when I arrived home the City had the water line dug up down the street. We've had low water pressure for about 4 or 5 days and were wondering what was going on. The workers told Scott that they had a hard time finding the break in the line as it was right next to the storm drain so there was no visible sign of where the break had occured. We now have pressure again but have to boil water for 5 minutes before using it for drinking and cooking. FUN! The plus side was a nice high pressure shower this evening. OH and Scott and I went to La Fiesta for dinner.

The plants are still surviving that we put out on Sunday. Perhaps I will get to work on it some more this weekend. Time for bed now.... OH I did get the sun-dress pattern cut out for me. So tomorrow I could lay out fabric to make myself some dresses. I think if I fold everything right I can cut 3 out at once and sew them together rather quickly was there are just 5 pieces to the dress. Good Night!

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