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Monday, April 06, 2009

Something in the air

There just has to be something in the air - children are more cranky and full of temper-tantrums. Adults are grouchy, impatient and short tempered. And some have been down right rude and mean hearted - time for me to have a day off to recover so I can deal with them better. I sent myself home early today for an attitude adjustment. Scott and I went to the Tea Pot for dinner and it was delicious and filling and we have enough for our lunches tomorrow. I had the Sesame Shrimp - yummy!

The wind has blown hard all day today. I let Amelia come in the house to get out of the wind for a little while. She is just happy to be indoors with her pack - except for the mean one - Mr. Tesla. He likes to pin her under the kitchen table and bite and scratch her.

I got in a Crochet! magazine and a McCalls Quilting and I think I'm going to go read through them and enjoy all the beautiful pictures as well.

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