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Monday, February 09, 2009

Wreck of a garden is going to make a wreck of me

OR... it'll help me get healthier. I guess the second way of looking at it is for my health. Feeding both my soul as I work it and my body when I eat the veggies from it. I weeded out the long bed along the garage where Scott had his garlic growing all ready and I divided and moved the walking onions to the open areas in this long bed. I moved 8 of our tomato cages to the bed I cleared earlier and have English peas soaking to plant there. Next I'd like to clear out the large bed in the center to plant some greens (collards, spinach) and perhaps some salad mix. Right now my back is absolutely screaming from what I've done all ready this morning. I'll rest a bit and do some things indoors and see if I feel up to going back out. The rest of the beds need to be rebuilt and started over as their frames have disintegrated. I want to make them all about the size of the bed with the tomato cages lined up for the English Peas. Thats a good size as we can reach the center from either side and it is easy to maintain. Once we get the new beds set I want to mulch the walk ways heavily so no weeds will grow there. Amelia has a GREAT IDEA - lets go WALKIE!!!! Perhaps we will do that and take Greg's package to the Post Office as well. Sounds like a good plan to me.

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