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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Still Waiting

I didn't hear a word about my possible promotion yesterday but the DTL was busy in meetings all day and it was a Holiday so perhaps she will call me today. I hope so as she had said to plan on it as a go through and to plan to be in Atlanta on Thursday. If she doesn't call me today I will regret planning for it as I will have lost hours at the store I'm at currently as I didn't want to leave them in the lurch by not saying anything until the last minute. The store manager where I am at now recommended me for the job so she is all for me succeeding. I went into the store yesterday on my day off to help with some last minute freight shoving to get it out of the stock room. Inventory is tomorrow and it was a sale weekend so today will be recovery BIG TIME. I am so glad that this is a once a year thing. Timing really kind of stinks though as my leaving this store for the other store is occurring at the same time as Amanda's two weeks vacation so Denise and Julia will be picking up my slack at this store... mostly Denise (who recommended me for the position at the other store). So it's still really a wait and see as far as I am concerned - nothing is EVER 100% definite.

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