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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Jumping back in to full-time

If everything goes through with higher management I will be taking on a new job next week. I will write more about it when it's solid.

It's 5:24 AM and it's 57*F outside right now. We were able to sleep with a window open last night; I think it's the best nights sleep I've had in a long time. The air had a touch of humidity to it so I didn't wake up as dried out as I have been. Winter dryness makes for a heavy head in the mornings.

We have a Carolina Wren building a nest in our shed. It has been taking clumps of dried grass and twigs through the dog hole the past couple days. The nest from last year was still in there on the shelf of my potting cabinet; I didn't have the heart to pitch it out after they left it last year. They are such sweet little birds and their calls are so beautiful.

Today is a full day so I better get busy. I've got to run over to the store to go over the new opening procedures and then be back here in time for Freecylce pick-ups. I want to go through more closets and drawers and put together more stuff to give-a-way. And then I have to work tonight.

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