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Friday, February 06, 2009

So Sleepy - DOG ALARM at 5:30 AM

Amelia was raising all kinds of an alarm this morning; we didn't see anything but she sure was upset. Scott said that he may have seen movement by the gate and perhaps it was a deer or a stray dog. With the recent car break-ins in the neighborhood (11 in one night) we are a LOT more alert to her sounding off. I'm so glad we have a dog now and sometimes think a second dog would be a good thing. There was a shooting not far from our house a couple nights ago between our local Police and a young man wanted for raping a 12 year old at gun point. Things are definitely getting worse and not better here in the city. I so wish we lived out on our 10 acres all ready. We keep looking at micro-cabins that we could build in a month or less just to get moved up there. We would have to get rid of or store a bunch of stuff until we got a barn/garage/shop built up there but it would be so worth it in the end.

I'm off all this weekend and have plans to fix the garden up and perhaps get some veggies planted that don't mind the cold like English peas, greens and salad mix. Thankfully it's supposed to start warming up for the weekend so we won't freeze to death.

I'm really thinking seriously about a couple bunnies for the garden. I could build a portable hutch that could be moved from bed to bed throughout the gardening season and they could clean up beds as well as fertilize them. Perhaps that is something else that Scott and I could do this weekend - build a hutch.

Time to get rolling - gotta pick-up my pay stub and give the doily to it's new owner and then get back here to do laundry and make a grocery list up. Hopefully I will also have time to get the the grocery store before I have to be to work tonight. I don't want to go near the grocery store this weekend - HATE shoppping on the weekends.

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