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Thursday, February 12, 2009

GREG is doing GREAT!!

Greg is doing so well. He has scored 90 and above on all his tests so far and he is so excited about all that he is learning. He is so looking forward to coming back home again though and says that he wishes he was home on every call. He is learning that no matter where you go there will be jerks to make bumps in your days and harass you. He is talking a lot about building a small house on our property with us when he gets back home. Only time will tell in that department. So much changes for young people between 19 and 25, especially for young men. He will be 23 this year - still trying to figure out how that happened and amazed at how fast this time has flown by. He has grown into a very fine and loving young man and so wishes he could find a unique girl to share his life with. I know how lonely he feels when all the people around him are dating. I told him when the time is right his Soul Mate will appear just as mine did. But he is young and wants it now.

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