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Friday, May 02, 2014

The Cub has stood strong...

Greg's week has ended on a much better note.  I am very proud of him.   We are all so glad it is FINALLY the weekend.

Last weekend - THE UGLY!
 I had a trip to the Dr earlier in the week as I have had some pretty intense pain in my right leg from groin to knee. Over the weekend the knee turned into a swollen beyond painful appendage that I truly felt like sawing off. Turns out the tendons were inflamed and binding so after a prescription for an anti-inflammatory med and a muscle relaxer I am returning to my normal self... thankfully.

It's been a stressful week at work with lots of anxiety floating in the air as an Audit is eminent.  There was a "practice run" with the District Manager yesterday... makes me glad I am not holding the keys to the building. No more Management for me. I don't miss that feeling of being a cat over a water bucket at all.

Beaver Lodge

Beaver Pond

Beaver Damn
Scott and I have had some lovely drives about town and down to the boat ramp. The new camera goes EVERYWHERE with me as it is such a joy to use! Scott done good on that gift for sure! The Beaver Pond is not far from our house and just off the extension along one of the main roads in town. The Highway Department or City broke the damn down and three days later the Beavers had it repaired and  their water level back up. They truly are amazing little creatures. I'm sure they will end up dead eventually as people always want to control Nature... when will they learn Nature is a force of her own?

Last nights sunset was beaten out by the tremendous show that the clouds put on for us.

I've also been working on some crafty bits as well.  I made a butterfly out of an old zipper for one and am now altering a mini wine bottle. Such fun! All these items are part of a swap. I am to also alter a pen and create another project of my own choosing for the same swap. As well as create a card for my swap partner - they all  have to be in the mail by May 8th. Gotta get busy to be done on time.

Our blackberries in the front yard are full of blooms and so have all the wild berries under the power lines so we are hoping to be able to get some for freezing and making jelly or jam.

Just as I had hit the publish button Scott came in and said the damn has been broken again. :(

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