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Friday, May 16, 2014

Part 2 of our daytrip...

Beaufort, Frogmore and more Island stops a long our way.

Inside the Tourist Info Center's bathroom - part of the old Armoury.
Scott said he owns this street... see it has his name on it!
Found a couple goodies to buy here - a shrimp knife, a pair of cat socks and a lucky green frog.

The Foolish Frog - Not the GREATEST and I do not foresee a return trip. Sorry!

There were 100's of these tiny crabs

Oyster bed

Swing... looked so inviting!
HMMMMM... Wonder what happened here? Bad Divorce maybe?

The two of us Nuts swinging on the swing with the wind doing wild stuff to my hair.

 The last two photos are cancer on the stem.... TOBACCO!

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