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Friday, May 02, 2014

Lovely Walk and a Stop at the poor Beavers drained pond

We decided to get out and go to the River for a walk. It's Prom night so we had to manoeuvre around couples with their parents and Grandparents trying to get the "perfect" photo but we survived the gown jungle and saw some amazing things. Enjoy the walk....After parking the truck we walked back up the hill a little ways so I could take some photos of our Capital City from  our side of the bridge.
Then we walked toward the bridge and walked along the walkway that goes under this bridge...

 Next we stopped by the Beaver pond and Scott drove the Scott back in to the back end so we could see a little more; there is still a little water left in the pond.

Beaver Lodge
Scott taking a picture of me taking a picture of him.

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  1. Oh, goslings are a heart-warming sight every single year. Looks like a nice walk...even if there were some extra "critters" all over in prom dresses!


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