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Monday, May 12, 2014

Monday Morning!

REALLY? Wow another Monday... sure am wishing I could stay home today not feeling too perky.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day yesterday.  Mine was nice and I was able to rest and relax and that was just what I needed. Scott and Greg had to go under the house to find out if the dampers were working on the A/C and they were but then they found a problem with our shower drain so Scott had to make another trip under the house to repair that after we made a trip to Lowes for the parts we needed. It's all fixed now and Scott believes he has found and corrected the issue with the A/C. I still need to get someone out for a yearly check-up and cleaning of the unit. The unit was put in shortly after we moved in here in 1996 so it is getting some age on it.

After Scott got cleaned up from all his adventures under the house we took 4 tomato plants and a Caladium over to his Mom's for Mother's Day and I planted out the tomatoes; she hasn't decided where she would like the Caladium planted yet so we will have to go back over this evening to find out the best place for it.

Everything we planted out in our garden on Saturday is still green and growing as of yesterday. We are wondering if the cutworms will get the peppers as they usually do but we are hoping they don't. I need to go buy a big piece of burlap to make a shade cover for the peppers as the sun here is just too much for them so I am going to create a cover for them in the hopes it keeps them from burning up in the sun as well.

Yesterday I cleaned up my beading supplies and got them all put back in the bag that I store them in and got it back into my Hobby Room. Today I need to do some cleaning up in my Hobby room as I have several projects to get completed for swaps and right now it looks like the entire room just blew up in there with lace, beads, trims and paper everywhere. When I start working on something and the Creativity is flowing I just start grabbing things right and left to audition them and  the rejects just get cast aside until I am done with a project.

I have a wonderful weekend to look forward to with the trip to Beaufort and then my  sister is having her Roman Kiln firing on Saturday and that should be a lot of fun.  But for now I guess I should get ready for work. I hope everyone has a wonderful week ahead.

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