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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Late Start Tuesday

Well I won't be going into work until 7 this morning as my Boss sent me a text a little after midnight saying she has another flat tire and the earliest anyone would be at the store is about 7:15 AM. I hate going in later in the morning and working later in the day. It gets my meal times and nap times all messed up. And what is really bad is I didn't sleep well last night at all  and feel like I didn't sleep at all... so exhausted this morning.

Yesterday when I came home from work I spotted something quite interesting on the side storm door where we enter the house and just had to take a photo of it before it flew away.
  At first I thought it was just an odd leaf or piece of tree bark but upon closer inspection I realized that it was some type of moth. Quite pretty and unique.

Card with matching envelope that I made for my Niece's High School Graduation.
Saturday I attended a party for my niece, Kayla's High School graduation and had a very nice time. Although I should have had us head home sooner as I had ridden with my sister and her son and we didn't get back to her house until 10 PM and then I had to drive home to my house and me driving after dark can be a bit harry any more. But we all had so much fun it was worth the scary drive home.

Yesterday I had to work in the morning and then came home and helped clean up a bit around the garage so it looks a LOT better out there. I am planning to help Scott and Greg get the garage organized over the next couple weeks and perhaps we will get the new shed started to house Scott's tractor to give him more room in the garage to start building kitchen cabinets. I figure if I help the two of them I will get my new kitchen faster.

I better get off here and get dressed for the day... just made some fresh coffee as Scott's first pot of the day ran funny and there were grounds in it... yick! Had to clean the coffee maker up before I could make some fresh. I'm hoping to have a cup of coffee minus the grounds before I leave this morning.

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  1. You poor thing getting the text about a later starting time...I know what you mean about it upsetting your routines...quite disruptive.


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