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Saturday, January 11, 2014

Wrapping up this Saturday

It has rained most of the day today so we stayed pretty close to home except for a few hours in the mid-morning. There was a slight break in the rain so we pulled the battery out of Greg's truck and went to Walmart to buy him a replacement. As we were leaving we drove by the door for the Vision Center and saw that they take "walk-in's" for eye exams so we returned home, installed the battery in Greg's truck and told him to get ready to go back over to Walmart with us so he could get his eyes examined and so that he could get some glasses ordered. He broke his glasses completely on his return trip from Maryland the other night and his BCG (Navy issue) glasses he had broke awhile ago on the bridge , I did my best to repair them with E6000 glue but Lord only knows how long that repair will last. His new glasses should be in by next Saturday. Here's me with my  fingers crossed my repair holds until then as Greg is nearly blind for distance without his glasses. MERRY CHRISTMAS GREG!

My crafting has really got out of hand once more and I have begun cleaning up in my hobby room to try to get back in there to craft and off the dining room table once again.
My work table in my hobby room - I have started putting away all the Christmas related items and organizing the things I got for Christmas.
I want all hobby stuff back in my room before Monday morning and this table all clear for EATING!


  1. Our crafting bits and pieces can overtake areas of our homes that's for sure. I am trying to get more organized this year and am looking forward to that and creating.

    Have a lovely Sunday Becky.


    P.S. I enjoyed your video the other day.

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed the video... I had to make it Private until the gal gets the album in Australia. I had not realized she didn't want a video posted until after she had received it. Oh well... I'll be making it public again in another week or two. I've got to get things cleaned up today as I have to find some dominoes that I bought at one of the Thrift shops as I have to alter two for another challenge. Trying to keep myself busy now that my hours are getting cut back... ah Retail work.

  2. Why are dining tables so prone to get covered with craft stuff??? It's almost as though the table 'attracts' the stuff! lol


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