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Friday, January 24, 2014

What a WEEK!

Oh boy has this been "one of those WEEKS".  I'm still recovering from the crud I've had since last week when I went to the Doctor for an antibiotic. I am feeling better but I still have a lot of not so nice drainage going on and I'm quite sick of that.

Then on Wednesday I wrenched my knee really bad during the truck unloading process. I just lifted a box wrong and  my right knee just went out. It hurt so bad I saw stars. By the time I completed my 6 hour shift and got home it was swollen pretty good. I got in the recliner with an ice pack on my knee and stayed there until the fellas got home. I told Scott he was going to have to make food appear as I wasn't cooking and did not want to go anywhere. He went to Captain D's for a fish and chicken plate for each of us; it was actually pretty good for a change. The last time we went it all had  a ton of breading  on it and tasted of old oil.

 On the way home on Wednesday my car acted a little funny but I thought it was just the road and wind. And just let it slip to the back of my mind.

Thursday I rubbed my knee with Ben Gay  and then  wrapped it up with an Ace bandage. I also took a pain reliever and went on into work - worked 5 1/2 hours and came home. Then last night we decided to go to Nicks House of Pizza for dinner but I wasn't up to driving so Scott drove my car. We had an absolutely AWESOME meal - as always and then drove home. Scott noticed the car wasn't acting right and listened close and said it felt and sounded like I had a caliper hanging up. When we got home he checked the tires and the right rear passenger side tire was REAL hot. So... this morning I drove the old Ford truck to work and then once I got home I drove slowly and carefully to the garage with my car. Half way there the check tire pressure alert came on and I just kept going. Arrived safely at the garage and have left the car there for the weekend as it will be Monday before they can get the parts in to fix it. OUCH! Going to be a little over $500! It is always something.


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