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Saturday, January 18, 2014

Saturday Walk Along the River

Scott and I decided to take a nice walk along the river today to help loosen things up in our chest; so we bundled up really well and headed out. It sure was nippy when we were walking down to the main walkway as there are no trees from where we parked so we were out in the open with a stiff cold breeze chilling us to the bones. BUT things improved once we got down to the river - still chilly but not blasting cold.
Mocking Bird - all puffed up trying to get warm in the sunshine

Doggies LOVE this walk too!

A note from Mother Nature... "Find Balance in your life"

Green "stink bug" stuck on it's back... I flipped it over but it still didn't move.

City of Columbia, SC across the river - water is HIGH and looks like chocolate milk. Bridge in the foreground was the location of a horrible event 3 nights ago. AN SUV with a man and a woman plunged off the bridge and they both drowned.

Inquisitive duck

Some type of water fowl - must research to learn more - it kept diving and diving into that cold water.


  1. Looks like you had a nice walk. :) A bit too chilly for me to do that! Hope you're feeling better.

    1. We didn't walk too far and were very happy to get back inside the warmth of home. We are feelinga bit better than last week just some minor residual congestion.

  2. Wonderful nature shots! Looks like a very pleasant walk. Well done getting out in the fresh air!


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