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Tuesday, January 14, 2014


I got the dining room table clear...
I LOVE our HUGE table! I only wish we were able to share meals on it more often with family. Ah well... everyone is so busy with their own lives. The table scarf was from Uncle Jesse's house and I love the size of it; perfect for the center of my table. The candle holder is one of the first things my sister, Robin made for me when she started throwing pottery. She's come a LONG way since then; check out her Etsy shop...  Clay Baby Pottery

I stayed home from work this morning. I was just feeling so ill and am glad that I stayed home and went back to bed. I've done hardly a thing all day... feeling quite trifling but my body just doesn't want to move like it  normally does. So I'm listening... for a change.

I hope you all are doing well today and that illness is staying away from your homes.

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  1. Rest really is the best medicine. I am so glad you listened to your body and stayed home. Your sister does good work! Isn't it interesting how all the little bits that make up your home have a story and ties to those you love. I was just thinking that the other day.


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