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Friday, January 03, 2014

Greg's Adventure and more

Greg (son) is off on an adventure delivering a car to Maryland today and we are hoping and praying for his safety as he drives North. It's an 8 hour drive ending with some wintery conditions that we aren't used to so any positive thoughts or prayers would be greatly appreciated.  Here is the car Greg will be driving North today... perhaps he will be safe simply because all the people will take pitty on the poor man in the pink bug...

My brother, Charles and his wife, Alina went to the hospital last night in pre-term labor and it wasn't looking good at all. Alina was getting IV fluids and they were trying to manage  her pain but were having trouble getting the labor to stop. The doctors were extremely concerned about Alina's condition and at 21 weeks the little guy will not survive if born. So very sad for them. More of that positive energy and prayers would be greatly appreciated.

There is a cold wintery wind blowing against the house making me wish I could just stay home. Be safe and warm everyone!


  1. I hope Greg has a safe trip and your brother and his wife are in my prayers also.

    It is 65 here and feels like it is 63, chilly for us, and very windy. Tonight it's supposed to feel like the low to mid 50's.

    Have a good weekend ~ FlowerLady

  2. Oh I will be sending good thoughts and prayers for your son in the pink bug and for your brother and his wife. Take care Hug B

  3. I want that car lol drive safely snowing here and suppose to have showers all week hugs terrie

  4. A pink car...with EYE LASHES, no less! I hope Greg's travels were safe and I sure am sorry to hear about this poor little baby.


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