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Saturday, January 25, 2014

From My Husbands Camera Lens

I decided to see what Scott has been photographing... me and birds!

He always catches me when I am doing something like putting groceries away...
Or when we are walking...
It was SO COLD last weekend !
We have 3 suet cakes out for the birds and have been keeping 2 feeders full of sunflower seeds as well. It's just been so cold the past few weeks and we so enjoy watching the birds. Here are a few that Scott captured with his camera...

They are such a delight to watch!


  1. Oh he does have good taste in photos you look beautiful and so do the birds. I assume you are both feeling better I am glad of that. Hug B

  2. From this post I learned there is another type of nuthatch! I thought there were only three, but turns out you've got a kind down there I'd never heard of before!! A brown-headed nuthatch! Cool. I need to come to the south if for no other reason than the neat birds you've got down there!

  3. I love watching the brown headed nuthatch and the little olive colored pine warbler.


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