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Friday, January 10, 2014

Project Finished and Son's Trip North

First I want to apologize for not updating this blog this week but you will soon understand. Lets start with the good stuff first... I FINISHED THE ALBUM!

This album is made out of recycled cardboard that I brought home from work. It's  in with the packages of white card stock when it comes in and I hated the idea of  just pitching  it into the cardboard bin. It was a lot of fun to create and I almost hated to send it to the gal having the Contest... but I did yesterday. So it is now on it's way to Australia. Here is what the rest of the album looked like and I will post the video I made about it as well for anyone that wants to watch it.

Now onto the trip North for Greg and the total return trip fiasco. Well he got up there very late the night he left or should I say VERY early the next day. Then he had a GREAT time with the friends he was staying with and then the headaches began. His train was canceled due to trains being snowed in; he tried EVERY day Monday through Wednesday to get on a train but they were all getting canceled. Then yesterday he finally boarded a train that got him into Washington D.C. 1 hour AFTER the train to Columbia had left. So then they got him lined up for a train to Florence, SC and were to Taxi him to Columbia from there... that got delayed. Well we went on to bed and I text him on his dying phone (yep - left his charging cable at his friends place in Maryland)when I got up and he said he had reached Florence at 3AM... it is now nearly 7 AM and it is only an hour and a half drive to Florence from here.... I tried to call him and it went straight to voice mail... phone must be dead. UGH! If I had left at 3 AM we would be BACK here all ready! CRAZY! Here's hoping he is nearly here by now. OH... did I mention he has also broke his glasses? This too... SHALL PASS!


  1. The album is so beautiful, Becky! Poor Greg, so much went wrong for him but I was pleased to see the photo on FB that he finally made it home!

    1. You don't know how happy we were to finally see that Taxi coming down the street!


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