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Friday, January 17, 2014


Ok... Sinusitis STINKS! URI - Sinusitis  and ETD (eustachian tube dysfunction) REALLY STINKS! I went back to work yesterday and was so glad to get back home. I'm going into work this morning as it is a 4 hour shift and I think thats manageable but aw man my head feels HEAVY! The Dr gave me a shot of Kenalog to open my sinuses and eustachian tubes so my balance wouldn't be so out of whack or there was no way I would have worked yesterday. And a prescription for Ceftin; an antibiotic.

Scott returned to the Dr yesterday for a second round of antibiotics.... I sure hope I don't have to return myself. And so far Greg has not shown symptoms... got my fingers crossed on that one as he is currently without Health Insurance but we need to get him signed up for some ASAP!

Well time to get ready I hope everyone has a wonderful morning and if I don't come back on here today a GREAT weekend!

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