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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Not my typical Sunday

I worked this morning 5 AM until 10:30Am.When I got home I decided to add some trims to some up-cycled containers I started a couple weeks ago. I had taken two containers that were left after using the oxygenator up that was inside them; I use the oxygenator to keep my front loading washing machine from getting smelly. One little scoop in each load keeps me from getting funky smelling clothes and it only cost a dollar at Dollar Tree.

ANYHOW... back to the containers. The containers have a nice screw on lid and I thought they'd make the perfect little gift containers. So I Modge Podged some paper napkins on the outside and added the trims to fancy them up a bit. SUPER easy project with awesome results. This would make an awesome project for kids. Mother's Day IS coming up! Perhaps do a container similar with flower napkins and put packs of flower seeds inside?

I'm mailing these two to some On-line friends I met through You Tube. I've filled them with some of my handmade flowers.

After I did that I took an hour long nap... greatly needed as I didn't sleep well last night worrying I'd be late to work this morning. When I got up from my nap 4 HUGE bowls... beyond full of collard greens that needed to be processed were sitting on the kitchen counter top. So with Scott's help we stripped the tough main vein on every leaf. Rinsed them well and put them in this HUGE pot to wilt them to prepare them for the freezer.
Yesterday I had done this to two huge bowls full and had them in the refrigerator as I didn't realize we were out of freezer bags. So while the ones cooled down some from today we went down to the Grocery store and got some quart sized freezer bags... I know HO HUM BORING! But that is what we did!

Then when we came back I started bagging them up....
SEVEN quarts! Ready for the freezer.

I believe Tesla thought I pulled my scrap tub out just for him. I want to make some more flowers tomorrow after work.
Well I better head on to bed as it is nearly 9PM and I have to be up by 1:30 AM. I hope everyone has a wonderful week!


  1. Sounds like a very productive day :-)

  2. There is such satisfaction in growing, processing, and knowing that nourishing, local food is packed safely in the freezer. Very nice use of the tubs. I'd have never guessed a paper napkin was involved. They look sharp.


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