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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Weekend flying by.....

Here it is Sunday all ready! I still have a lot on my to do list here in the house and we've GOT to get the yard mowed before the N.N. turns us in for it being too long. And I agree with everyone that left comments the last time I mentioned her... I to have little time to worry about how tall any of my neighbors grass grows but apparently she is invested in it heavily.

Yesterday I did a deep clean on the bathroom in the hall and it looks wonderful. Greg says he cleans the toilet and I told him you have to clean EVERYTHING in there. I had been leaving it for him to clean as he is the main person to use that bathroom but it was getting totally out of hand. So I stepped in and took care of it as I usually do as I can't stand it when it gets THAT bad. Now it's all sparkling clean. Today I will do our Master Bath but it won't be nearly as much work.

I also tackled most of the laundry yesterday and will finish it today. Scott and I checked out a store called "Ollies" for a little break in the day after I had done all that work. Ollies is full of such a random mix of stuff to buy and it's always changing as they buy and resell closeouts. We bought a few items but not as much as the other shoppers. Mostly food stuffs for us - we are getting to where we only buy truly consumable items - food mostly. We are checking more thrift stores and such for clothing as I hate the clothes being offered in the stores now at such ridiculous prices. The fabrics are getting thinner and thinner as the price go up and up.

My next altering project
Speaking of Thrift stores - we also stopped at the Goodwill out that way as well. They sell items by set prices not the good Clearance house pricing like I got the other day. BUT I found exactly what I was looking for in there for $3.50. It's a shadow box that I needed for a Challenge offered up on 2 Shabby Sisters. We are to alter a shadow box (minimum openings of 6) anyway we want and so I am toying with the idea of turning this into a crazy cat lady shop - what do you think?

Lets see... what else have I been up to with so much extra time on my hands. Well I've made a few flowers..
The little round ones on the right will be layered with lace and such  and I will share what they look like later. The roses are so much fun to make and they make me think of Flowerlady Lorraine and I smile every time I finish one and think of her beautiful roses.

Then I've been "playing" in my recycled Art Journal that I made with cereal boxes following Jennibellie's tutorial on You Tube. There is a link to her You Tube Channel on her blog if anyone is interested in looking her up. She has some fabulous tutorials on Art Journals and Art Supplies. Here are the pages that I did this week.
Completed pages with Charcoal pencil added.
The actual pages were done following another ladies tutorial and I had to substitute items with what I had on  hand here at the house. This journal is also part of a project on 2 Shabby Sisters Studio. Here is a link to the actual tutorial we were to follow to create these pages... lindysgang

Once we followed the actual tutorial we were to step it up and do another 2 page spread using this method with our own spin added to it and here is what I've come up with so far; these pages are not finished yet.
Pages in process.
I will be adding the charcoal pencil around some of the paper and may also use some markers on it as well. And I want to create a word or phrase for these pages like I did on the first set. I love how the embossed paper looks on these two pages. When I'm finished I will post another picture.

I guess that catches you all up for now. Enjoy the rest of your weekend and to those all ready on Monday - I hope you are having a GREAT start to a new week.


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